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Last Updated on January 23, 2021 is one of the most popular fashion websites worldwide. The site features more than 80,000 products and over 850 brands.

We have gathered here important information and 6 tips to help you save money and time while shopping on asos.

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1. What is asos?
2. How does asos work?
3. asos shipping
4. Product returns on asos
5. Advantages and disadvantages of buying on asos
6. Tips for buying on asos

1. What Is asos?

asos ( is a popular global fashion site selling clothes, accessories, shoes, jewelry, makeup, cosmetics and more, with an emphasis on a fun, colorful and affordable fashion experience.

asos offers over 80,000 different products and 850 brands, as well as the home brand “asos” – a young and trendy fashion brand.

asos aims to bring an excellent shopping experience, and set itself an impressive goal – to sell to the customer exactly the product he sees on the screen. This is, by the way, the meaning for the name “asos”, which is the initials of “As Seen On Screen”.

In order to enable a fast delivery for every order, asos operates has a number of supply centers around the world, located in the UK, the United States, Europe and China.

The combination of attractive prices and a wide collection of items for young women around the world helped asos reach £5 billion in sales in 2017, with the site’s market value overtaking British fashion giant Marks & Spencer (M&S).

2. How Does asos Work?

asos can be accessed via your computer or mobile phone – through a custom website or a simple and friendly application that can be downloaded to Android and iPhone devices.

Now we have to sign up in one of two ways: using one of our social accounts (Facebook / Google Plus / Twitter), or in the classic way – using an email address and a password.

asos - sign up

After signing in, we arrive at the land of endless opportunities of fashion.

First we need to choose “Women” or “Men” (located next to the asos logo). That will open a submenu which presents all the categories available for each gender.

asos - women menu

After choosing a category, we can now choose a sub-category – for example – dresses / coats / jeans / lingerie and more in the clothes category.

asos - shoes menu

After clicking the desired subcategory, a rectangular window will appear, allowing us to sort the results according to four criteria: “Our favorites”, “Price low to high”, “Price high to low” And “What’s new?”.

asos - filter

We can also use additional product filtering options according to a variety of criteria: style, leather / non-leather, brand, color, size and price range, And thus get the most targeted results for our purchase.

The results will appear as a photo gallery, with a short description, item price, and heart-shaped icon below each image. The heart shaped icon allows us to add a product to our wish list.

asos - filter results

Clicking on an item’s image will take us to a product page, displaying the product’s pictures, a description of the product and the materials it is made of, a short illustration video, brand information, details of the model wearing the product and more.

One of the most important features of the product page is the link to the Size Guide, located just above the selection window.

asos - size guide

The size guide explains in a simple and understandable way how to find the right fit using the sizes displayed on the site.

asos - size guide - display

Note that different brands often have different size tables.

If you have already purchased on asos, you may see an automated message with a recommended size. In most cases this recommendation is accurate (but not always).

asos - size recommendation

After choosing the item’s size and color, we can choose whether to “Add to bag”, or to add the item to our “wish list” using the heart icon, and go on shopping on asos.

asos - add to bag

After we have finished browsing the site, we can return to our “Bag” or to our wish list by clicking the bag or the heart icons on the top right side of the page.

asos - add to bag icon

At the “Bag” page can see all the items we have selected, the total purchase price, and our shipping and payment options.

asos - bag

3. asos Shipping

Most worldwide shipments from asos are free of charge, when the eligibility for a free shipment is determined according to the total purchase price.

In addition, it is possible to choose the express delivery option (Usually operated by DHL) at an additional cost.

It is important to know that not all the brands on asos can be shipped everywhere. Information about shipping restrictions can be found on the item page, under the “Add to Bag” button.

asos - shipment restrictions

Happily, asos’s free shipping service is efficient and quite reliable, and can be tracked all along its route, so we recommend it to costumers who are not in a hurry to recieve the items they ordered.

asos - shipment tracking

4. Product Returns On asos

First of all, if we want to cancel an order immediately after making it, a standard delivery order can be canceled within the first hour, and an express delivery order can be canceled during the first 30 minutes after making the order.

asos - cancel order

The return policy at asos is quite convenient, allowing us to receive a full refund for a purchase without any questions, 28 days after recieving the order.

The item must be sent back in the packaging in which it was received, with the tags attached, and a filled return note.

asos’s address can be found on the return stickers added to every package.

In most cases there is a full refund on the return, and the only cost is the shipping charges back to England.

Note that in cases where a discount was applied for buying above a certain sum, the returned item may void the discount, and can sometimes make the return not worthwhile.

5. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Buying On asos


We will start with the disadvantages of buying on asos, because they are not many of them…

A. The site has a limited range of languages to choose from, making it difficult for some customers to use it.

B. The concept of “buying without measurement” and choosing the right size can be a challenge for some customers.


A. A huge variety of fashionable items designed to suit young men and women’s taste.

B. Affordable prices.

C. Wide selection of sizes for a wide range of products – from “petit”, through standard sizes and up to product lines designed for large sizes.

D. Fast and reliable free shipping.

E. Convenient product return policy.

F. Option to pay using paypal and thus avoid submitting credit card details online, and enjoying a safer payment.

6. Tips For Buying On asos

A. Do not miss the Sale and Outlet sections

asos has a vibrant and attractive outlet and sale sections, featuring a wide variety of items and discounts that can reach up to 70%.

However, since the outlet and Sale sections feature hundreds of items, it is recommended to use the filter “What’s new” to be the first to discover items which just went on discount.

asos - outlet sale

B. Discover vintage clothes and independent boutiques on asos marketplace

If you are a vintage enthusiast and can spend hours among independent boutiques, the lesser known part of asos – the asos marketplace is just the place for you.

asos - asos marketplace

C. asos coupons

asos offers discount coupons for customers based on their location and order value. Be sure to check out the banners on the site featuring these coupons.

D. Compare prices between asos sites for different countries

For some reason, when choosing different countries on asos, the actual value of the order changes as well (according to their value in your local currency).

In order to take advantage of these price differences, we can use the website, that automatically compares the prices of a certain item on all the different country sites of asos and displays the cheapest price available.

Simply enter the item name in the search bar and the cheapest result will appear.


E. Not interested in checking mychicpick? Buy in British Pound

asos is a British site and therefore it is usually cheaper to make the purchase in British pounds (GBP) rather than in dollars, euros, etc.

[av_video src=’’ format=’16-9′ width=’16’ height=’9′ av_uid=’av-clsuy’]

How do you make the purchase in British Pound (GBP)? By using the small flag in the upper right corner of the page.

asos Country preferences

F. Students are often entitled to a discount on asos

Students are often entitled to 10-20% discounts. Check out the bottom section of the page or the site’s banners.

asos - student discount


asos has become in recent years one of the most popular fashion websites worldwide, and rightly so.

The variety of items is vast, up-to-date and well adapted to young taste. In addition, the attractive pricing, and the free and effective shipping complement the package in a great way.

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