The Best Websites for Finding Cheap Flights

Last Updated on January 23, 2021

Airline tickets prices have been in a declining trend in recent years.

This trend is caused by a number of factors: low-cost airlines, the drop in oil prices, and the launch of a large number of websites and applications that enable customers to search cheap flights easily and efficiently.

In this guide we will review the best flights websites worldwide. The rankings are based on a weighted score of hundreds of thousands user reviews, gathered by the savey team, and sites ranking websites like trustpilot and sitejabber.

The Best Wesites for Finding Cheap Flights

Best Websites for Finding Cheap Flights

Tips for Searching and Finding Cheap Flights

Searching for cheap flights has become a lot easier in recent years, but there are a few things that can improve our chances of finding good deals.

We will review here the best tips for finding cheap flights:

1. When should I book airline tickets?

According to skyscanner, the best time to book flights is 24 weeks before the flight’s date.

According to the same data, the most expensive time to book a flight is two weeks before the flight’s date – when the demand for flights is the highest.

2. Search flights in an incognito window and avoid the flight price increase algorithm

Some of the flights search websites use different psychological tricks to get us to hurry up and make the reservation through them.

Among those tricks are:

a. Displaying the number of places remaining on the flight.

b.Using “cookies” that are stored in the users browser, so that while browsing the site or in the event of leaving the site and returning to it again – the price displayed to the user for that flight rises.

In order to avoid the use of “cookies”, we can browse the flights search site using an incognito window.

How do I open the Incognito window? Click on the three dots / lines on the browser toolbar and choose “New incognito window”.

3. Flexible with Flight Dates? Check out the cheapest month to fly

Some of the flights sites (eg skyscanner and momondo) have tools for finding the cheapest months of the year to book flights.

The method is very simple – after choosing the destination to which we want to fly, instead of choosing a flight date, we choose the option “Cheapest Month”, for a display of the cheapest months for booking flights.

4. “Low-Cost” flights are not always the cheapest option

True, some “low-cost” airlines offer very attractive flights pricing.

The issue with low-cost flights can often be unconvinient dates, or less accessible airports.

When checking prices for low-cost flights at standard timings, while adding the costs of luggage, seat selection, etc., the prices often resemble to those of a regular flight.

5. Think outside the box

Flight prices during holidays usually skyrocket, but less conventional vacation planning can lower prices significantly.

For example, a flight that departs a few days before the start of a formal vacation, or a flight that returns a few days after a vacation has ended, will often be much cheaper than flights within the vacation dates.

6. Sign up for email alerts services for cheap flights

The various flight sites offer e-mail alerts that update us regarding flight prices changes, according to our settings.

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