Singles’ Day 2022 On AliExpress – Deals, Updates, Tips & Coupons

Last Updated on January 23, 2021

Singles’ day 2022 (or Double 11) on AliExpress will start on Wednesday, November 11th 2021, after a “Warm-up” period, which will take place from Wednesday, October 28th 2021.

Singles’ day 2022 on AliExpress will last 48 hours, from Wednesday, November 11th 2021 at 11:00 (GMT+3) until Friday, November 13th 2021 at 10:59.

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Singles’ Day 2022 On AliExpress – Coupons

Special singles’ day discount coupons will be available from Oct 28th, on a special Singles’ day page.

There are three kinds of coupons available on Aliexpress this year – “AliExpress Coupons”, “Selected Coupons” and “Store coupons” (Seller Coupons).

1. AliExpress Coupons

These are the most exciting coupons for singles’ day 2022 on aliexpress, where you can get $5 off immediately on any of your $25 purchase or more.

These coupons are only available available from Oct 28th to Nov 10th, so make sure you grab some here.

2. Selected Coupons

Selected coupons are not as powerful as AliExpress Coupons, but they can still save you some money.

After you’ve filled your cart and you’re ready to pay, the price of eligible items on your order confirmation will be automatically discounted with “Selected Coupons”.

Selected Coupons can only be redeemed if the minimum purchase requirements are met, and the store is currently accepting Selected Coupons.

3. Seller Coupons

Seller coupons are offered by individual sellers, and they can only be applied it to specific products in a store. You can get these coupons directly on the relevant product pages.

How Can I Grab As Much AliExpress Coupons As I Can?

1. Coupon Center

One page with all coupons and the hottest deals, and from time to time – some coupons for large amounts will appear.

2. Game Land

Users playing games on this page will get coupons and bonuses which they will be able to redeem while buying goods during the Big Sale.

3. Coupon Rain

Coupon rain is played several times a day on a special page on AliExpress, where users can catch and activate discount coupons.

See our Coupon Rain guide For more details on “Coupon Rain” and how to play it.

4. Add products to your cart before Singles’ day and earn coupons

Get points for preliminary adding products to your cart, which can be later exchanged for discount coupons, so the more they buy, the less they pay.

Singles’ Day 2022 on Aliexpress – Shopping Tips

  1. Collect coupons and add products to your cart starting from Oct 28th.
  2. Found what you are looking for? Don’t wait too long before buying – attractive deals may run out of stock fast.
  3. Check shipping costs – Some sellers on Aliexpress offer free worldwide shipping.
  4. Pay attention to tax and customs regulations – sometimes they can turn a great deal to an unattractive one.
  5. Look for user reviews on the product, and pay attention to the seller’s rating.
  6. Aliexpress offers pricing in multiple currencies, but use a high conversion rate. It is usually recommended to make purchases in dollars, and enjoy the better conversion rate of your credit card.
  7. Be sure to keep all confirmation emails regarding your transactions.
  8. When shopping for clothes on Aliexpress, be sure to measure yourself – Chinese sizes are usually smaller than western standards.
  9. When buying electrical appliances, it is important to ensure that the electricity plug is suitable for the electricity grid in your country, or that a relevant adapter is available.

Singles’ Day 2022 on Aliexpress – The Best Deals

To be published.

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