Singles’ Day 2022 – The Complete Guide And Best Offers

Last Updated on October 27, 2022

Singles’ day 2022 will take place on November 11, 2022, on all the leading Chinese shopping websites, and is expected to be the biggest online shopping event ever.

So where should you look for deals on singles’ day 2022? We have gathered here all the best Chinese shopping websites that will participate in Singles’ day 2022, and we will update here all the best deals, coupons and offers for Singles’ day 2022.

Chinese singles day 2018

Singles’ Day 2022 – Finding The Best Deals

Chinese shopping sites usually offer a wide variety of products.

Sites such as Ali Express, tomtop and banggood, for example, are in fact online shopping malls, offering a huge selection of cheap items – clothing, shoes, mobile phones, laptops, travel equipment, garden furniture and much more.

Another kind of interesting Chinese shopping websites specialize in specific areas – websites like gearbest and geekbuying  usually offer the best deals for Chinese laptops, tablets, mobile phones, robot vacuum cleaners, drones, and 3D printers.

In this list we feature the best Chinese shopping sites. The rankings are based on a weighted score of hundreds of thousands user reviews, gathered by the savey team, and sites ranking websites like trustpilot and sitejabber.

WebsiteBest for buyingRating
aliexpressClothes, Mobile phones, Electronic devices, Smartwatches4.9Visit
banggoodMobile phones, Laptops, Projectors, Robot vacuum cleaners, Smartwatches, 3D printers4.9Visit
Strawberrynet chinese shopping siteBeauty Products,
Cosmetics, perfumes
sheinWomen's fashion4.9Visit
geekbuyingElectronic devices, Mobile phones, Gadgets4.8Visit
DHgateToys, Costumes, Sport outfits4.6Visit
LightintheboxClothes, Electronic devices, Smartwatches4.5Visit
tomtopElectronic devices, Clothes4.4Visit
gearbestMobile phones, Smartwatches, Laptops, Projectors, Drones, Robot vacuum cleaners, 3D printers4.4Visit
zafulWomen's fashion, Swimsuits4.4Visit
JoyBuyClothes, Mobile phones, Electronic devices, Gadgets4.3Visit
tidebuyWomen's fashion4.3Visit
roseweWomen's fashion, Swimsuits4.2Visit
gamissWomen's fashion, Men's fashion4.2Visit
TVC-mallMobile phones, Electronic devices, Gadgets4.2Visit
RCmomentToys, Gadgets4.2Visit
RosegalVintage fashion4.1Visit
dxElectronic devices, Gadgets4.1Visit
rotitaWomen's fashion4.0Visit
dresslilyWomen's fashion, Plus sizes4.0Visit

Singles’ Day 2022 – Contents

1. Tips For Shopping on Singles’ Day 2022
2. Smartphone Deals
3. Laptop Deals
4. Tablet Deals
5. Smart Watch Deals
6. Robot Vacuum Cleaner Deals
7. Digital Projector Deals
8. 3D Printer Deals
9. More Singles’ Day Deals
10. Alibaba
11. Ali Express
12. Gearbest
13. Banggood
14. What Is Chinese Singles’ Day?
15. Singles’ Day Statistics
16. When Is Chinese Singles’ Day?

1. Tips For Shopping on Singles’ Day 2022

  1. Found what you are looking for? It is worthwhile not to wait too long before buying – attractive deals may run out of stock fast.
  2. Compare prices on 2 major Chinese sites before buying.
  3. Check shipping costs – some sites offer free worldwide shipping.
  4. Pay attention to tax and customs regulations – sometimes they can turn a great deal to an unattractive one.
  5. Look for user reviews on the product.
  6. When shopping at aliexpress, pay attention to the seller’s rating.
  7. Shopping sites sometimes offer pricing in multiple currencies, but use a high conversion rate. It is usually recommended to make purchases in dollars, and enjoy the better conversion rate of your credit card company.
  8. Make sure the URL of the site begins with https, which makes for a safer purchase.
  9. Be sure to keep all confirmation emails regarding your transactions.
  10. When shopping for clothes on Chinese websites, be sure to measure yourself – Chinese sizes are usually smaller than western standards.
  11. When buying electrical appliances, it is important to ensure that the electricity plug is suitable for the electricity grid in your country, or that a relevant adapter is available.

2. Singles’ Day 2022 – Smartphone Deals (Updated)

For more Singles’ day deals on smartphones – click here.

For more Singles’ day deals on smartphones – click here.

3. Singles’ Day 2022 – Laptop Deals (Updated)

For more Singles’ day deals on laptops – click here.

For more Singles’ day deals on laptops – click here.

4. Singles’ Day 2022 – Tablet Deals (Updated)

For more Singles’ day deals on tablets – click here.

For more Singles’ day deals on tablets – click here.

5. Singles’ Day 2022 – Smart Watch Deals (Updated)

For more Singles’ day deals on smartwatches – click here.

For more Singles’ day deals on smartwatches – click here.

6. Singles’ Day 2022 – Robot Vacuum Cleaner Deals (Updated)

For more Singles’ day deals on robot vacuum cleaners – click here.

For more Singles’ day deals on robot vacuum cleaners – click here.

7. Singles’ Day 2022 – Digital Projector Deals (Updated)

For more Singles’ day deals on digital projectors – click here.

For more Singles’ day deals on digital projectors – click here.

8. Singles’ Day 2022 – 3D Printer Deals (Updated)

For more Singles’ day deals on 3D printers – click here.

For more Singles’ day deals on 3D printers – click here.

9. Other Singles’ Day 2022 Deals (Updated)

10. Alibaba – Singles’ Day 2022 is the primary international website of the Alibaba group, and serves as the world’s largest online business-to-business trading platform (International private customers can use – which allows to buy small quantities of items at wholesale prices). handles sales between importers and exporters from more than 240 countries and regions.

alibaba singles day

11. Ali Express – Singles’ Day 2022

Ali Express, the world’s most known and popular Chinese shopping website, has led to the emergence of Chinese singles’ day into a global consumer celebration.

On singles’ day 2018, for example, Ali Express and the other Ali Baba group websites – tmall and taobao – have generated over $30 billion in sales – outperforming the online sales on Black Friday and Cyber Money of the same year.

Most of the products on Ali express are offered at significant discounts on singles’ day.

Some of these offers are published in the days before singles’ day, so it is best to add your desired products to your shopping cart beforehand, in order to enable their quick purchase as soon as the discounts take effect.

Hundreds of thousands of items are sold each second on singles’ day, so it is best not to wait too long before making an order, so that items will not run out of stock.

The best-selling products on singles’ day at Ali express are usually mobile phones, clothes, electronic appliances and travel gear.

When is Singles’ Day 2022 on Ali Express?

  • Warm up:Oct 28 – Nov 10
  • Main event:Nov 11 – Nov 13

12. GearBest – Singles’ Day 2022 specializes in laptops, mobile phones, tablets, gadgets, robotic vacuum cleaners and even 3D printers, all made in China.

The sale on GearBest usually starts a week before 11.11 and reaches its peak on singles’ day.

When is Singles’ Day 2018 on Gearbest?

  • Warm up: Nov 05 @ 07:00 UTC – Nov 10 @ 07:00 UTC
  • Main event: Nov 10 @ 07:00 UTC – Nov 14 @ 07:00 UTC
gearbest singles day

13. Banggood – Singles’ Day 2022 is a not a well-known Chinese shopping site, but it enjoys a loyal and growing customer base.

Banggood offers three key advantages: attractive prices, huge variety of products and excellent customer service.

While Ali express is “The Chinese ebay” – a platform for many different sellers, Banggood is a kind of a “Chinese Amazon”, that sells all the items from its own inventory.

banggood singles day 2018

14. What Is Singles’ Day?

Singles’ day started in the 1990s in a number of Chinese universities, as a celebration day for young and single Chinese students.

The origin of Singles’ Day had nothing to do with shopping, but with issues which are more heart-related.

Too may men

Back in the 1990s, students at Nanjing University, most of them men, protested against Valentine’s Day.

There are 30 million more Chinese men than Chinese women, mostly because of China’s historical one-child policy, which led to a severe gender imbalance in the country.

The date 11/11 was chosen by the younger generation because the number “1” resembled an individual who is alone.

They decided to celebrate singlehood on November 11, 1993 in a large number of blind dating parties and weddings.

No one expected that by the next millennium, a commercialized festival will be born from that naive moment in a Chinese university.

How did singles’ day turn to be the biggest online shopping bonanza

Singles Day had different names prior to being officially declared as “The 11.11 Global Shopping Festival”. The day was popularly known as the “Bare sticks holiday”, and of course, the now commonly used “Singles’ Day”.

Jack Ma, founder, and chairman of Alibaba Group, and his team, came up with a brilliant concept. The year was 2009 and the Chinese e-commerce giant, the counterpart of U.S. behemoth, was looking for ways to boost online sales.

The timing was perfect to introduce “The online shopping festival of 11.11”, because online shopping was just starting to grow in China.

Besides, November was generally a weak shopping month. It sits between the country’s Golden Week national holiday in October and the Christmas season in December. The period was a time-out from shopping.

Jack Ma saw an excellent window of opportunity. Instead of weeping about their singles’ status, why not encourage the singles and everyone else to buy gifts for themselves on November 11?

It was such a novel idea, that it ignited a countrywide shopping phenomenon. Then came 11.11.11, which was dubbed as “The Singles Day of the Century”, and finally, in 2012, Singles’ Day became a global phenomena.

15. Singles’ Day Statistics

The genius idea of Jack Ma to link the lonely hearts club with online shopping paid handsome dividends. The total revenue of the Alibaba’s group websites –,, and others, is growing every year at an amazing rate, with a new revenues record every year.

The official sales figures are:

Ali Baba Group’s sales volume on Singles’ Day over the years

  • 2011 – $0.8 billion
  • 2012 – $3.0 billion
  • 2013 – $5.8 billion
  • 2014 – $9.3 billion
  • 2015 – $14.3 billion
  • 2016 – $17.8 billion
  • 2017 – $25.3 billion
  • 2018 – $30.8 billion

Chinese singles’ day has generated $30.8 billion revenue in a 48-hour period on November 2018, making Singles’ day the biggest online shopping event in the world.

16. When Is Chinese Singles’ Day?

Singles’ day officially takes place every year on November 11 (11/11), but this year it will be extended to 48 hours on Ali express, and 4 full days on Gearbest.

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