Chinese singles day 2018

Chinese Singles’ Day 2018 – The Complete Guide And Best Offers


Chinese singles’ day 2018 (also known as “The 11.11 Global Shopping Festival”) will take place on 11/11/2018, at all the leading Chinese shopping sites.

We have gathered here all the best Chinese shopping websites, that will participate in this year’s Chinese singles’ day, along with the best deals they offer.

Chinese singles day 2018

1. The Best Chinese Shopping Sites and the Best Deals on Singles’ Day 2018

Chinese shopping sites usually offer a wide variety of products.

Sites such as Ali Express, tomtop, tinydeal and banggood, for example, are in fact an online shopping malls, offering a huge selection of cheap items – clothing, shoes, mobile phones, laptops, travel equipment, garden furniture and much more.

Another kind of interesting Chinese shopping websites specialize in specific areas, and often are a better option for buying certain products than the online shopping malls.

Websites like gearbest and geekbuying, which specialize in cheap laptops, tablets, mobile phones, robot vacuum cleaners, drones, and 3D printers are an excellent example.

In this list we feature the best Chinese shopping sites. The rankings are based on a weighted score of hundreds of thousands user reviews, gathered by the savey team, and sites ranking websites like trustpilot and sitejabber.


2. Tips For Shopping on Chinese Singles’ Day 2018

  1. Found what you are looking for? It is worthwhile not to wait too long before buying – attractive deals may run out of stock fast.
  2. Compare prices on 2 major Chinese sites before buying.
  3. Check shipping costs – some sites offer free worlwide shipping.
  4. Pay attention to tax and customs regulations – sometimes they can turn a great deal to an unattractive one.
  5. Look for user reviews on the product.
  6. When shopping at aliexpress, pay attention to the seller’s rating.
  7. Shopping sites sometimes offer pricing in multiple currencies, but use a high conversion rate. It is usually recommended to make purchases in dollars, and enjoy the better conversion rate of your credit card company.
  8. Make sure the URL of the site begins with https, which makes for a safer purchase.
  9. Be sure to keep all confirmation emails regarding your transactions.
  10. When shopping for clothes on Chinese websites, be sure to measure yourself – Chinese sizes are usually smaller than western standards.
  11. When buying electrical appliances, it is important to ensure that the electricity plug is suitable for the electricity grid in your country, or that a relevant adapter is available.


3. Alibaba – Singles’ Day 2018 is the primary English website of the Alibaba group, and serves as the world’s largest online business-to-business trading platform for small businesses (International private customers can use – which allows buyers to buy small quantities of items at wholesale prices). handles sales between importers and exporters from more than 240 countries and regions.

alibaba singles day


4. Ali Express – Chinese Singles’ Day 2018

Ali Express, the world’s most known and popular Chinese shopping website, has led to the emergence of Chinese singles’ day into a global consumer celebration.

On singles’ day 2017, for example, Ali Express and the other Ali Baba group websites – tmall and taobao – have generated over $25 billion in sales – outperforming the online sales on Black Friday and Cyber Money of the same year.

Most of the products on Ali express are offered at significant discounts on singles’ day.

Some of these offers are published in the days before singles’ day, so it is best to add your desired products to your shopping cart beforehand, in order to enable their quick purchase as soon as the discounts take effect.

Hundreds of thousands of items are sold each second on singles’ day, so it is best not to wait too long before making an order, so that items will not run out of stock.

The best-selling products on singles’ day at Ali express are usually mobile phones, clothes, electronic appliances and travel gear.

aliexpress singles day


5. GearBest – Chinese Singles’ Day Specials 2018 specializes in laptops, mobile phones, tablets, gadgets, robotic vacuum cleaners and even 3D printers, all made in China.

The sale on GearBest usually starts a week before 11.11 and reaches its peak on singles’ day.

gearbest singles day


6. Banggood – Singles’ Day 2018 is a not a well-known Chinese shopping site, but it enjoys a loyal and growing customer base.

Banggood offers three key advantages: attractive prices, huge variety of products and excellent customer service.

While Ali express is “The Chinese ebay” – a platform for many different sellers, Banggood is a kind of a “Chinese Amazon”, that sells all the items from its own inventory.

banggood singles day 2018


7. What Is Chinese Singles’ Day?

Chinese singles’ day started in the 1990s in a number of Chinese universities, as a celebration day for young and single Chinese students.

The 11.11 date was meant to symbolize unmarried men and women (because “1 is the loneliest number”…), and was first characterized by a large number of blind date parties and weddings.

However, over the years the date 11.11 has shifted to be more of a shopping event – first locally and in recent years – on a global scale.

The volume of sales on Chinese singles’ day has been growing at a dizzying pace. The volume of sales of Ali Baba Group alone reached $17.8 billion in 2016, and $25.3 billion in 2017 (!!!), making Chinese singles’ day the biggest online shopping event in the world.


8. When Is Singles’ Day?

Singles’ day officially takes place every year on November 11 (11/11).

However, some of the leading Chinese shopping sites start the sale a few days earlier.


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