The Best Chinese Shopping Sites (Updated Ranking 2022)

Last Updated on January 23, 2021

Chinese online shopping sites have become in recent years a cheap and popular choice for customers around the world.

AliExpressgearbestdeal extremebanggood and many others are now common household names, And for a very good reason – the Chinese online shopping sites offer a huge variety of products, worldwide shipping and attractive prices.

On the other hand, the quality of the products and the level of service varies greatly from site to site, making the decision on which site to make an order a very important one.

In this guide, we review the best Chinese shopping sites by a weighted score, based on the opinions of thousands of users gathered by the savey team and sites ranking websites like trustpilot and sitejabber.

Best chinese shopping sites

Best Chinese Shopping sites

WebsiteBest for buyingRating
aliexpressClothes, Mobile phones, Electronic devices, Smartwatches4.9Visit
banggoodMobile phones, Laptops, Projectors, Robot vacuum cleaners, Smartwatches, 3D printers4.9Visit
Strawberrynet chinese shopping siteBeauty Products,
Cosmetics, perfumes
sheinWomen's fashion4.9Visit
geekbuyingElectronic devices, Mobile phones, Gadgets4.8Visit
DHgateToys, Costumes, Sport outfits4.6Visit
LightintheboxClothes, Electronic devices, Smartwatches4.5Visit
tomtopElectronic devices, Clothes4.4Visit
gearbestMobile phones, Smartwatches, Laptops, Projectors, Drones, Robot vacuum cleaners, 3D printers4.4Visit
zafulWomen's fashion, Swimsuits4.4Visit
JoyBuyClothes, Mobile phones, Electronic devices, Gadgets4.3Visit
tidebuyWomen's fashion4.3Visit
roseweWomen's fashion, Swimsuits4.2Visit
gamissWomen's fashion, Men's fashion4.2Visit
TVC-mallMobile phones, Electronic devices, Gadgets4.2Visit
RCmomentToys, Gadgets4.2Visit
RosegalVintage fashion4.1Visit
dxElectronic devices, Gadgets4.1Visit
rotitaWomen's fashion4.0Visit
dresslilyWomen's fashion, Plus sizes4.0Visit

Best Chinese Shopping Sites – The Great Survey

Best Chinese Shopping Sites – Overview

There are in fact 2 different lists of the best Chinese shopping websites – a local one and an international one.

Most Chinese shopping websites owners use different brands and websites for addressing local consumers and international consumers.

Alibaba group, for example, use the Aliexpress and brands when selling to international consumers and businesses, and the brands Tmall and Taobao when selling to local Chinese consumers.

We feature here the list of the best Chinese shopping websites for international consumers, but the picture would not be complete without mentioning some of the best Chinese shopping websites for the local Chinese market.

Best Chinese Shopping Websites – International Consumers

  1. Gearbest – GearBest specializes in laptops, mobile phones, tablets, gadgets, robotic vacuum cleaners and even 3D printers, all made in China, and at very attractive prices.
  2. aliexpressaliexpress is one of the most popular Chinese shopping sites and a part of the Alibaba group. It is a platform in which thousands of Chinese retailers offer millions of Chinese made products, from a wide variety of categories, at attractive prices.
  3. is a not a well-known Chinese shopping site, but it enjoys a loyal and growing customer base. Banggood offers three key advantages: attractive prices, huge variety of products and excellent customer service.
  4. Geekbuying – GeekBuying offers a combination of electronic products (mobile phones, tablets, drones, car products, etc.), great customer service and competitive prices.
  5. DHgate – DHGate is one of the biggest chinese e-commerce websites, offering a range of cheap products – from small gadgets and LEDs, to Lenovo computers and tablets.
  6. Lightinthebox – LightInTheBox is a user-friendly Chinese site and is available in many languages. Considered one of the best online shopping sites in China, LightInTheBox offers a wide range of different cheap products: electronic devices, car accessories, smartphones, clothes, shoes and much more.
  7. Tomtop – TomTop offers over 70,000 products in 100 categories – electronic products, cameras, flashlights and lighting fixtures, home and garden, jewelry, musical instruments, toys, health and beauty and more.
  8. Zafulzaful is a leading Chinese fashion site for young women looking for daring, exciting and beautiful designs. Trendy clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories, all at attractive prices.
  9. Tidebuy – Tidebuy is a Chinese fashion site with a great shopping experience – new collections that change frequently, a great variety, deals, discounts and free shipping. Women’s clothing, children’s clothing, men’s clothing, jeans and wedding dresses are available on site.
  10. Rosewe – A charming Chinese fashion site for women. Trendy fashion items, and a great plus size department.

Best Chinese Shopping Websites – Chinese Consumers

  1. TmallTmall is the main shopping website of the Alibaba group for local Chinese consumers. Tmall offers a large variety of products and international brands such as P&G, Adidas, GAP, Nine West, Reebok, Ray-Ban, Gucci and many more, and has 500 million monthly active users.
  2. JD – Jingdong (formerly called 360buy) is the second biggest Chinese shopping website targeting Chinese consumers, with over 300 million active users. JD possesses the largest drone delivery system, infrastructure and capability in the world
  3. – is the largest professional e-commerce website in China, integrating home appliance shopping and home appliance information.
  4. DangdangDangdang is a leading comprehensive Chinese online shopping website, offering over 1 million products from various categories – Books, audio and video, mother and baby, beauty makeup, home, digital 3C, clothing, shoes, bags and many more.
  5. SuningSuning is a big electronics retailer, with numerous physical stores across China, and a strong online presence.
  6. is an affordable online mall and supermarket.
  7. Huihui – is an online shopping search and recommendation platform.
  8. Qijia – Qijia is China’s leading shopping site in the categories of decoration, building materials, and home furnishing.
  9. Egou – is a leading Chinese price comparison platform which features plenty of popular shopping forums.
  10. Bookschina – Bookschina is one of the first online book shopping websites in China, providing a huge variety of books from major domestic publishers.

Chinese Shopping Websites – Ranking Methodology

In order to create an objective and reliable rating for all the major Chinese shopping sites, we have aggregated hundreds of thousands users reviews from main feedback sites around the world, while neutralizing factors that distort the results, such as the amount of reviews and their distribution.

On this page we display only the sites that received a weighted score of 4 or more, out of all the Chinese shopping sites we have examined.

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