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Amazon prime day 2018 – The Complete Guide & Best Offers (Updated)


Amazon prime day 2018 will take place on 16-18/7 (depending on your time zone), and will last 36 hours. It is one of the most attractive sales days of the year.

As opposed to Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Chinese Singles Day, Amazon Prime Day is a sales day that happens just on one website – Amazon (and its various international websites).

This year, amazon seems determined to make Prime Day 2018, as successful as possible, with millions of products and a new free worldwide shipping service for selected products.

We have gathered here tips for buying effectively on amazon prime day, along with a list of some of the best deals available on amazon prime day.

amazon prime day

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon prime day is held every year in early-mid-July. Amazon Prime Day 2018 will take place on July 16 and will last 36 hours – click here to enter the special prime day page on amazon.

Only Amazon Prime members can take part on Amazon Prime Day, wand enjoy a great selection of products at great bargain prices – on 2017, for example, 76% of Prime Day Prices Were Better Than Black Friday of the same year.

Millions of products of tens of thousands brands are expected to be discounted on Amazon Prime Day 2018. Among the best deals we can find the various Amazon products – Amazon Kindle, Dot and Eco for example, along with many other well-known brands and products (see full and updated list below).

Currently, Amazon Prime has over 100 million registered users, so the competition for the best deals on Prime Day is expected to be challenging…

You are invited to update us on promotions that slipped under our radar in the comments section at the bottom of this page.


How to Register to Amazon Prime free of charge?

Amazon Prime offers a wide range of shipping benefits and a free access to a variety of Amazon services including watching movies, listening to music, storing pictures, reading Kindle books and more, for a monthly subscription fee of $ 12.99 (or $ 119 per year).

However, in order to participate in Amazon Prime Day, you do not have to pay – you can sign up for a free 30-days trial period, during which you can enjoy all the benefits and promotions reserved for Amazon Prime subscribers.

amazon prime - free trial period

So, if you do not want to pay on Amazon Prime, but want to enjoy the benefits of Amazon Prime Day, you can register for the free trial period, and simply unsubscribe before the trial period ends – click here to register for free.

When exactly does Amazon Prime Take Place?

Due to time differences, Amazon Prime Day will actually take place on different hours and even dates around the globe.

The official starting hours of Amazon Prime Day are (arranged from the earliest to the latest) –

Amazon Prime Day on each website will end after 36 hours.

Prime day dates and hours on your local time zone can be calculated using this time zone calculator.


Amazon Prime Day – The Best Deals

The deals on Amazon Prime Day can be divided into four main types:

1) Gold Box Deals of the Day – Daily Deals, usually on Amazon brand products, with almost infinite inventory. For example:

2) Lightning Deals – Deals on a wide variety of products of thousands of brands – inventory is limited and may run out within a few minutes.

3) Coupon Deals – Some Amazon sellers are expected to offer special coupons for buying on Amazon Prime Day, and publish them on Amazon and on social networks.

4) Price Drops – The most common type of promotion on Prime Day – a limited time discount on items sold on Amazon regularly – just check the product’s page and look for the special Prime Day discount tag.

amazon prime day price drops

Among the most attractive products discounts on Amazon Prime Day in previous years are:

Laptops – Excellent deals on laptop computers.

Toys – Look for the big toy brands – LEGO, Crayola, Fisher Price and more.

Shoes – Leading brands at great discounts.

Smart home products – a wide range of smart home products at up to 40% discount.

Video Games – Deals on Xbox, Oculus, and Nintendo.

Additional offers will be updated here on a regular basis for Prime Day and on the day of the operations itself – visit the special Prime Day page at Amazon.

Amazon Prime Day – Shopping Tips

1) Plan ahead

The inventory of most discounted items on Prime Day is limited, so the time for making decisions is limited as well.

It is recommended to make a wishlist of products before Amazon Prime Day, and decide on a budget for buying them, so that if you find them at a good price you can buy them quickly.

Planning ahead can also help you avoid impulsive purchases of products that you don’t really need.

Another good idea is to add the relevant products to your shopping cart in advance.

Amazon offers an option to track prices of products and promotions on Prime Day, using the “watch this deal” button.

amazon prime day watch deals

2) Subscribe to Amazon Prime

Participation in Amazon Prime Day is open only to Amazon Prime members.

The registration for Amazon Prime is free for 30 days, so you can enjoy full access to all the special offers, shipping benefits and much more.

It is recommended to register a few days before Prime Day starts, in order to not waste any time on Prime Day itself. And of course – if you do not want to pay the monthly/annual subscription fee, do not forget to cancel your subscription before the trial period ends.

3) When you see a product from your list at a good price – Buy it

Amazon Prime day is not a good day for trying to find the best deal on the web. “Perfect is the enemy of good” and one can easily miss out attractive deals while trying to find the best one.

Hundreds of millions of buyers are likely to look for bargains on Amazon Prime Day 2018, so if you find something you want at a good price, simply click the “Buy” button and move on to the next product.

4) Make sure the price you have found is really attractive allows us to check out historical prices of Amazon products.

camelcamelcamel amazon price check

5) Use Amazon assistant and get $ 5 discount and deals alerts

Amazon Assistant is a browser add-on that allows us to receive deal alerts directly to our desktop.

New Amazon assistant users will get a $ 5 discount for a purchase over $ 25 on Prime Day – register here.

amazon assistant

6) Shipping costs can turn a good deal sour

National and international shipping costs can be negligible in some cases, but in other cases they can turn a good offer into an unattractive one.



Amazon Prime Day 2018 is expected to be a very interesting sales day for consumers across the world, thanks to a combination of great prices and, for the first time, free international shipping on some of the products.

Amazon wants to turn Prime Day into one of the most popular sales days of the year, which poses an excellent chance for consumers to “grab” products at very attractive prices.


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